Donations and Support

Ways to Give

Commit to a monthly donation

The best way to support us financially is through a consistent committed contribution.

Your monthly commitment allows Breath of Life to stay open, providing a future for the infants in our care.

As little as R150 per month

This small amount allows our team to support and care for the women and babies of our city in dire need of care or counselling.

Bank Details

ABSA Bank: 4088 069 276
Branch: 632005
Reference: POS

Did you Know?

All donations are eligible for a Tax Exemption certificate in line with South African tax law. This means that if you donate to the Trust, you will not be taxed on the amount donated. If your current tax rate is 20% and you donate R1 000, then you will pay R200 less tax in your annual tax return.

If you would like more information on Breath of Life or the Restore Trust, please contact us on 043 735 2340.

International donors, you are welcome to use PayPal for your convenience.

Put your till slip in Breath of Life charity box on your way out. Support us at Gonubie Superspar or OK Foods in Cambridge.

Or use your Breath of Life My School card when paying. To find out more about My School visit

Our Daily Needs


All sizes


Infacare 1, 2 and 3

Wet Wipes &

Bum Cream

Other Welcome Donations

  • Non-fragrance baby body wash
  • Non-fragrance baby moisturizer
  • Telament colic drops
  • Paracetamol Syrup (Panado)
  • Ibuprofen Syrup (Ibugesic)
  • Prospan cough mixture
  • Johnson’s soft & shiny shampoo range
  • Gripe Water
  • Baby Panado
  • Saline nose spray
  • Iliadin baby nose drops
  • Smecta re-hydrate
  • Bepanthon nappy rash cream
  • Please consider donating unwanted baby & toddler toys, outdoor toys & clothing to breath of life.

Visit Us

Visit us at 2 Dawson Road and volunteer your time with our babies. Our babies need as much love and human connection as possible. Volunteers can hold and interact with our youngest babies or spend time with our toddlers. Our toddlers would love you to play with them, talk to them, sing and dance with them, or read them a story.