Temporary Safe Care and Protection

Breath of Life operates a temporary safe care home situated in East London, which is dedicated to providing care for vulnerable babies who have been abandoned, abused, or relinquished. Our focus is to offer a nurturing and secure environment where these precious infants can thrive until they are placed with their forever families by their social worker. Additionally, our counseling team provides support, education, and care to women experiencing crisis pregnancies. The counselors offer guidance during this challenging season to help these women make informed decisions about their future.

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What is Breath of Life?

Breath of Life is an initiative of the Restore Trust, a public benefit organisation started by Stirling Baptist Church in 2009. Breath of Life’s focus is primarily the support of women dealing with crisis pregnancies, as well as providing immediate refuge for babies that have been abandoned in Buffalo City.

What is the need?

To date Breath of Life has served over 32 200 women who are grappling with the confusion and pain caused by crisis pregnancies. The desperate situation in Buffalo City has stretched Breath of Life’s fundraising capacity to the limit and requires a more sustainable solution to ensure the team of coordinators, counsellors and carers can continue to serve our city, as they have done over the past 13 years.

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